Prevent Leaking of Your Laundry Sinks in Melbourne with Proper Sealing

When it comes to caulking laundry splashbacks or laundry sinks in Melbourne, Eastern Sealant Services is the right business to call. Our experience and knowledge with caulking and sealing services span every room in your house from the kitchen to the bathroom to the laundry room. Whether you are giving your laundry space a makeover or repairing water damage so that it doesn’t recur, we can help.

Little-Known Facts about Caulking for Laundry Sinks in Melbourne

As you think about caulking for your laundry sinks in Melbourne, keep these titbits in mind. While having a laundry room sink can be a big convenience, it also increases the risk of water damage in that space. Knowing these facts could help you avoid that damage.

  • Improper caulking accounts for a large percentage of building defects: One of the statistics that we cite most frequently at Eastern Sealant Services is proper waterproofing and caulking only accounts for 1.8 percent of building costs. Improper waterproofing and caulking lead to 83 percent of building defects. Often, improper caulking occurs when DIY projects go awry. Hiring a professional to caulk your laundry sinks or laundry splashbacks in Melbourne is the best way to avoid needless repair expenses due to water damage.
  • Not all sinks are caulked in the same way: One of the challenges of DIY caulking projects is that the technique for caulking a sink varies depending on the type of sink. For instance, caulking a drop-in sink is very different than caulking an undermount sink. At Eastern Sealant Services, we understand these differences and know how to caulk your laundry sink model the right way.
  • Caulking compounds vary: Another project-to-project variation is the caulking compound that you choose. Some compounds are meant for outdoor use while others are strictly for indoor applications. Our experience means that we understand these nuances and know which caulking compound to choose for your project.

Trends in Laundry Sinks and Custom Vanities in Melbourne

In the past, most laundry sinks were no-frills, floor-mounted units. These days, trends in laundry sinks are shifting, and many buyers are paying more attention to aesthetics in the laundry room. Here are a few trends that we’ve noticed.

  • The rise of splashbacks: It’s always been common to find beautiful tile or ceramic splashbacks in the bathroom and kitchen, but laundry rooms traditionally display simple, whitewashed walls. If you’re going to have a laundry sink, it’s important to protect the wall behind it from water damage and unnecessary staining. We can help you install, caulk, and seal your laundry splashbacks in Melbourne.
  • The custom revolution: Instead of buying all-in-one laundry sinks, many buyers are opting for custom laundry room vanities. Combining the sink with the cabinet and drawer space has been the norm for bathroom sinks for ages, and it makes just as much sense in the laundry room. We can help you to install and caulk your custom vanity in Melbourne—in the bathroom or in the laundry room.

Making your laundry room look a little nicer and function a little better is a worthy investment. If you are updating your laundry area, don’t forget the caulking and sealing.

About Eastern Sealant Services

Since 2012, Eastern Sealant Services has been providing caulking and sealing services for a wide range of home features from kitchen cabinets to laundry sinks in Melbourne. Our team has more than 60 years of combined experience in this niche—enough to guarantee quality results. Contact us today to make sure that you caulk and seal your sinks and splashbacks right the first time.