• Floor Caulking Melbourne

Get A Sleek-Look for Your Property’s Floors and Walls with Floor Caulking

We provide professional residential and commercial floor caulking services

The Benefits of Floor Caulking

Quality floor caulking is vital to effectively:

  • Prevent water from seeping into the subfloor, which can cause damage and lead to mould and mildew growth.
  • Improved visual appearance of floors.
  • Give your floor edges a smooth, sleek look without the gaps. 
  • Excellent prevention of hairline cracks on flooring.

Our team can help you enjoy all these benefits!

Aesthetic Finish

Our team can provide quality floor caulking for both residential and commercial buildings that offers a lasting aesthetic finish. By matching the floor colour, you can get a seamless look, or you could choose a contrasting colour for a more dramatic finish.

Here’s What You Can Expect From Our Floor Caulking Services

Using Eastern Sealant Services will ensure it’s done right the first time and you’ll prevent lots of maintenance and repair costs down the line.

  • Long lasting effects thanks to quality workmanship and professional results
  • Assurance that all gaps will be closed
  • A smooth and straight transition from the floor to the walls, stairs and more
  • High quality products that ensure strong adhesion and flexibility that accommodates movement and general wear and tear

How Our Floor Caulking and Sealing Helps Homeowners

Are you looking for floor sealing in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry or any other room in the house? Our professional sealant services are your solution.

Our caulking services cover most flooring types including tile caulking, hardwood floor caulking, and concrete floor caulking. Each of these services is designed to address specific areas of the floor where water can seep in and cause damage. We use premium caulking materials to provide a long lasting finish.

Our projects include new and renovated homes plus townhouses, apartments and heritage properties. So, how can we assist you?

What We Can Do for Your Commercial Building

Do you have a low- to mid- rise commercial property that needs quality floor caulking? It will provide a luxurious finish to your building and also seal the hard work done during construction.

Our highly skilled caulking contractors are equipped to handle a wide range of projects including hospitals, aged care facilities, shop fit-outs and education institutions. 

Whether it’s internal or external caulk jobs, you’ll get the best in terms of sealing and aesthetics, keeping your property maintained well and looking professional. 

We’ve Been Doing Quality Caulking for 15 Years!

Contact our experienced team today and find out how our highly-skilled contractors can finish your floors while giving you all the benefits of caulking for homes and commercial buildings.

With 15 years of experience and industry knowledge, you can rely on our floor caulking team for professional sealing and a lasting aesthetic finish.