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We provide professional window caulking and sealing services for home and commercial buildings across Melbourne

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Eastern Sealant Services is proud of 15 years of experience in the Melbourne caulking industry. Our clients can attest to our skill and commitment to delivering quality work.

We’re able to maintain a high standard thanks to using quality materials and specialised equipment. This empowers us to provide you with window caulking for any type of building and window design. 

When we leave your premises, you’ll have caulking that provides a proper barrier, while also giving your windows a cleaner, more finished look. Talk to our experts about your window or other caulking needs. 

3 Important Outcomes of Window Caulking

Here are three important reasons why you shouldn’t underestimate the value of proper window caulking on your next building or renovation project:

  1. Keep critters out: Insects are determined to find a way inside your home and caulking is an effective way to keep them outside. This helps you maintain a clean and hygienic environment inside. 
  2. Manage interior temperatures and assist energy efficiency: In summer you want to keep hot air outside and once winter comes around you want to block the cold air, right? That’s much easier to do when small gaps in your building are properly sealed. Therefore, window caulking is an effective tool to maintain a comfortable living environment. Also, it improves energy efficiency, because you may use your HVAC systems much less than before. 
  3. Improved look: After professional window caulking, the window will have a more finished look. This is great for aesthetics and adds to the value of your home. 

DIY vs Professional Caulking

Many property owners attempt window caulking themselves, but often these DIY projects don’t have the desired outcomes:

  • If you don’t use the right caulking products, it simply won’t work efficiently.
  • Caulking takes skill and can be a time-consuming process.
  • When caulking isn’t done properly it could start deteriorating soon after installation. 
  • Caulking requires specific tools that most property owners don’t have. You may spend a lot more on resources and equipment than you expect. 

Our experts are experienced in interior and exterior window caulking and will get it done the right way, so your project is completed on time and to the highest of standards. 

Window Caulking Melbourne

We Have All Your Project Needs 

With Eastern Sealant Services you can look forward to excellent workmanship and the quality products we use will effectively seal your window areas. 

Also, have a look at our range of additional services that could benefit your current building or renovation project. We’ve helped many homeowners and commercial property owners get the job done. How can we help you?