Impress Guests and Clients with Custom Door Frames in Melbourne

An important, visible marker of quality for any home or business is the quality of their door frames in Melbourne. While it’s easy to overlook them after the fact, door frames set the stage for what visitors expect when they enter a building or room. If the building’s architectural design matches the promise of an elegantly-designed door frame, it sets visitors in the right frame of mind.

Tips Regarding Window Frames in Melbourne

Our experience with frames of all kinds helps us to install designs that are suited for any building. There are several tips that we’ve learned to aid in finding the perfect design:

  • Ensure that your window and door frames don’t clash at all. Ideally, they should work together as components of a larger design. This degree of synergy is something else that impresses visitors, even if they don’t consciously notice it.
  • Complement elegant window frames with quality window glazing in Melbourne. Good frames deserve quality glass, so consider replacing the window as a whole if you’re investing in new frames. Our team can install double glazing or acrylic panes for durability to further improve your building.
  • Don’t go overboard with your frames. Elegance is a subtle thing, and it’s possible that garish frames may distract visitors and result in a tacky appearance. Work with experienced designers and contractors who have used frames appropriate to nearly any home or office. When you do, their experience will supplement your taste for excellent results.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Timber Window Frames in Melbourne

When you work with a highly experienced team, you’ll receive valuable advice to help you avoid some common pitfalls that have afflicted those who choose to go it on their own.

  • Don’t miss the opportunity to invest in timber. It’s an elegant material that complements many aesthetic approaches. Whether you have a sleek, modern office with brushed metal or a rustic home with a lot of wood already, there’s a timber frame that will suit your structure.
  • Keep the amount of timber in check. Chunks of wood that are too large can appear ungainly and upset the balance of the room. In such cases, the timber actually acts against you.
  • Don’t forget to see examples of the type of timber you’re considering. Many of our clients have had us install timber, so we can showcase various options to help you find the style best suited for your building.

Regardless of the final options that you select, you’ll have made good choices if you consulted us regarding what you’d like to happen.

About Eastern Sealant Services

We’ve been in business for almost seven years, based in Melbourne. We came into existence as a culmination of several experienced, quality craftsmen seeking like-minded artisans with whom to work. We immediately set to work, creating innovative and expressive designs for homeowners and businesses alike. Since then, we’ve expanded our scope, our portfolio and our capacities. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or arrange a site visit in advance of your project.