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Whether you are building a new home or business facility, plotting a renovation, adding an extension, or repairing a defect, caulking in Melbourne is a priority. While caulking accounts for less than two percent of building costs, improper or insufficient caulking accounts for 83 percent of all building defects. As such, making sure that you get caulking right the first time is paramount to avoiding costly property maintenance just a few years down the road.


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About Eastern Sealant Services

At Eastern Sealant Services, we are proud to offer an array of caulking services in Melbourne. Here are a few things to know about our business if you are wondering whether we are the right caulking contractors for your project.

  • We are experienced: We opened Eastern Sealant Services in 2012, and our team of caulking contractors have been providing caulking services in the Melbourne area for more than 15 years. Our staff brings a combined experience of 60-plus years to the table.
  • We can handle a variety of different projects: We understand a vast variety of different materials, which enables us to take on virtually any caulking-related project. Our caulking contractors can handle any residential or commercial task, including caulking for floors, bathrooms, splashbacks, pool joints, windows, door frames, brickwork, and pavement.
  • We approach each project individually: We aren’t just caulking contractor with just one trick up our sleeve. Instead, we approach each project individually, assessing the job carefully to determine which caulking compounds and materials will be most effective. Our goal is to save you from the building defects that result from improper caulking.

The Importance of Caulking

Why does it matter so much to invest in professional caulking? Here are a few reasons why caulking is so important for your home or business.

  • It prevents water damage: You may already know that caulking is a defense against water intrusion and damage. Water that gets into your brickwork and freezes can damage the masonry and impact its structural integrity. Water that gets behind sinks, splashbacks, showers, bathtubs, and other areas can rot wood, lead to mould and mildew growth, and generate other areas of concern. These issues lead to expensive repair and remediation work—which you can avoid with proper caulking.
  • It seals your home or business: Thoroughly caulking your windows and doorframes eliminates draftiness that can impact the interior climate of your home or business. In turn, your heating and cooling system doesn’t have to work as hard to retain a comfortable temperature indoors.
  • Aesthetic benefits: Proper caulking and sealing—whether along baseboards, around cabinets, or across counter tops—looks great. Gaps in these spots are unsightly and reveal visible wear and tear.

About the Eastern Sealant Services Guarantee

At Eastern Sealant Services, we provide the highest-quality services to every customer who engages us. For this reason, we guarantee fixed-price quotes, on-time service, and a spotless cleanup of the worksite once we’re done. If you are interested in us supplying you with our caulking services, contact us today for a friendly discussion about your upcoming job.