Call Eastern Sealant Services When You Need Caulking in Melbourne

Whether you are building a new home or business facility, plotting a renovation, adding an extension, or repairing a defect, caulking in Melbourne is a priority. While caulking accounts for less than two percent of building costs, improper or insufficient caulking accounts for 83 percent of all building defects. As …read more.

Prevent Leaking of Your Laundry Sinks in Melbourne with Proper Sealing

When it comes to caulking laundry splashbacks or laundry sinks in Melbourne, Eastern Sealant Services is the right business to call. Our experience and knowledge with caulking and sealing services span every room in your house from the kitchen to the bathroom to the laundry room. Whether you are giving your …read more.

Protect Your Precast Panels in Melbourne with Proper Caulking

Are you looking for exterior concrete caulking services for your precast panels in Melbourne? If so, Eastern Sealant Services can help. We provide a range of external caulking services to homeowners and business owners in the Melbourne area. These services are designed to protect your property and make …read more.

Bring a Dramatic, New Appearance to Your Home with Pavers in Melbourne

If you find the right pavers in Melbourne, you can experience a complete transformation of your home. Not only do you receive the benefit of fully sealing your exterior landscaping, but you also benefit from impressive design possibilities. Eastern Sealant Services has extensive experience …read more.

Protect Your Business in Style with Quality Glazing in Melbourne

Modern commercial buildings, whether retail or office, demand high-quality glazing in Melbourne. Certainly, glazing plays a role in the aesthetic choices of the architects who designed the building, but it also has a functional role. Many business owners fail to realise exactly how important quality glazing is to …read more.

Impress Guests and Clients with Custom Door Frames in Melbourne

An important, visible marker of quality for any home or business is the quality of their door frames in Melbourne. While it’s easy to overlook them after the fact, door frames set the stage for what visitors expect when they enter a building or room. If the building’s architectural design matches the promise of …read more.

Stop Leaks for Good in Your Kitchen Flooring in Melbourne

Your kitchen flooring in Melbourne is tough — it has to be to stand up to all the foot traffic it experiences. Over time, though, a critical component of your tiles — its silicone sealant — it can start to degrade and lose its ability to perform. With Eastern Sealant Services, addressing this problem is …read more.

Take Steps to Protect the Vanities in Your Melbourne Property

Vanities in Melbourne homes are an anchor point in an important space, providing a place not only for storage, but many daily activities. However, they require careful sealing to ensure water tightness so that bathroom moisture does not infiltrate tight spaces and crevices, ultimately causing decay and damage …read more.

Learn How to Find the Right Caulking Companies in Melbourne

During the latter stages of construction, it is common to face a need to engage caulking companies in Melbourne to lay down finishing touches, including critical sealants to help assist the applied waterproofing. Without these services, even a brand new structure can face the risk of structural decay caused by moisture infiltration …read more.